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wifi bluetooth speaker

Model: Black (BF-11)

Introducing the Cocktail Audio wireless speaker with WiFi , Bluetooth & Aux audio source input .
Perfect for the busy digital lifestyle, whether you’re hanging at home or hosting friends' - simply connect the BF11 to a digital audio source and let the BF11 set the mood.

Cocktail Audio BF11 works great with media devices, home theatre, portable audio players, smart/mobile phones, tablets, karaoke players, computer etc.
Use the BF11 on the balcony, office, home library, kitchen, bedroom and much more.
The BF11 is easy to setup and sounds great regardless of the music source. Use our WIFi Music controller apps or any compatible versions like Twonkey, Media House, Bubble Upnp etc.



Access your personal library, internet radios as well as streaming services such as Qobuz, Spotify, Classical Archives, Stitcher, YouTube, DailyMotion, iplayers, Live 365, Google Music, Deezer, TuneIn Radio among others.
Cocktail Audio Wireless & Bluetooth Speaker Active Type with Aux Audio Source - combines digital media rendering with the latest streaming protocols that brings a 'WOW' to the way you listen to your music.



Streaming options

Smart Bluetooth 4.0+ aptx :

There are many Bluetooth speakers out there, however the Cocktail Audio BF11 integrates ease, performance and good sound.  The BF11 uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0+ aptX®, “...that solves the problem of sending pure audio wirelessly over Bluetooth® by reducing the size of the audio files so they can be squeezed through the wireless pipeline without affecting the sound quality.
AptX® has revolutionised the Bluetooth® Stereo listening experience by significantly reducing the bit rate without affecting audio quality or introducing latency issues...” -

A simple pairing touch interface means you can quickly pair your laptop, home PC, tablets, smart phones & other devices without any intricacy to wirelessly play & enjoy CD-like quality sound.

The notion of bluetooth streaming draining the power of your audio source is over:
"...Bluetooth v4.0 (and higher) is enabling entirely new use cases for Bluetooth wireless technology, for the first time allowing small devices powered by a tiny button-cell battery to wirelessly connect” – Bluetooth SIG 

NB: CSR aptX logo is certified for interoperability with other Bluetooth audio products belonging to the aptX ecosystem.


The WiFi Aspect:

Just pair it with your home router & voila!
Ever wanted an easier way to connect a wireless speaker to stream on network?
The Cocktail Audio BF11 can act as a player (renderer) when connected to a network.
This means you can send music (including playlists & internet radio) wirelessly from your laptop, home PC, tablets, smart phones, TV, media player & other devices with ease.
This can be done with a smart phone & tablet Apps; PC softwares like media monkey, windows media player; among other controllers.

If you do not have a network or internet at home, you could still stream music to the BF11.
The BF11 can act as an access point (AP) for connecting devices.
The BF11 can serve as the point of interconnection between devices, thus allowing your smart phone, PC, others devices to send music to the speaker (BF11) without internet/networking.
The AP option is a brilliant way to enjoy music wirelessly without a network or an internet setup.

Integrated Apple Airplay:

Enjoy Apple devices, with the Airplay feature - iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and PCs and Macs running iTunes will be able to stream audio through the Cocktail Audio BF11 (Airplay speaker).


Integrated Upnp/DLNA - Digital Media Renderer:

In the midst of many devices interconnecting with each other, the BF11 allows users' to stream music effortlessly in many formats.
Organise & play your media library from multiple sources including internet radio and playlists.
The BF11 allows any compatible device and App to remotely control the output/music.
One can repeat, play, stop, shuffle and much more.


Auxiliary (AUX):

AUX port interface allows input of audio signals from devices like:
MP3/MP4 players, portable music players, smart phones, amplifiers, turntables (built-in amp), notebooks et cetera.
A rather convenient way to enjoy music through the Cocktail Audio BF11 if you do not have Bluetooth & Wifi.


Using Controllers’ Upnp/DLNA/Airplay/other cast options etc:

Controller Apps enables the user to access their library from various sources & play through the BF11.
The BF11 supports any compatible controller app and comes with a free optimal WIFI MUSIC App. 
The device also supports other Apps on Android & IOS such as – BubbleUPNP, Toaster Cast, ipeng8 etc. 
Most PC controllers and softwares like foobar2000, media monkey, windows media player, squeeze and much more can also be used.

WiFi Music App demos:Qobuz & Classical Archives streaming services have now been added to the WiFi Music App.






  • Touch technology interface
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Supports Airplay (iphone/ipad devices)
  • Supports devices on iOS, Android, Win …any wireless device.
  • Supports Network/PC Streaming
  • Act as a Digital Media Renderer (DMR)
  • Wi-Fi Station mode available (WPS/QSS)
  • Wi-Fi AP mode available (without internet/network)
  • Supports streaming Apps & network protocols such as Upnp (DLNA)
  • Bluetooth Smart(4.0AptX)the intelligent, power-friendly, low-energy technology.
  • Supports auxiliary audio sources. Connect with old devices
  • Free optional stream via 'WI-FI Music' App & other compatible Apps
  • Easy pair from network to Bluetooth or physical connection (AUX)
  • Stream and connect to any media device
  • Enhanced range Bluetooth aptX® (Outstanding Bluetooth Stereo quality)
  • Wireless streaming & much more

The Cocktail Audio (BF-11) unites style with great sound as well as a design that matches beautifully in any space...this is technology at its best.

Speaker Power Input: DC 16V/4A
Adapter Power Input: 100V – 240V ~50/60Hz
Drive units: 2×25mm (1.0in) Tweeter, 2×75mm (3.0in) Mid and Low range
Frequency response: 65Hz-20 KHz ±3dB on reference axis
Amplifier power output: 2×15W
Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n inc Airplay & other network protocols
Bluetooth: Specification 4.0, with transmission distance less than 10 meters
Overall dimensions (mm) :( L×W×H) 350×120×180
Net Weight: 2-3kg 
Certificate/Standards: CCC,CE, ISO9001, ISO14000 ...Other affiliates

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