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cocktail audio X100

Cocktail Audio Pro X100

(Each unit has a Solid State Boot drive + hard drive option)

Price: From £629.00 (Including U.K. standard delivery)

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Cocktail Audio Active Pro60 Speaker

Integrated Amplifier (Pro60) works great with Pro X100 multiple audio interfaces. Connect the two devices & start streaming or playing ...

Price :£199.00 (Including UK standard delivery)

Optional WiFi USB Dongle
Price :£34.00 (Including UK standard delivery)

Cocktail Audio Mini X9
Price: £116.10 (Including UK standard delivery)

cocktail audio wifi speaker

Cocktail Audio Bluetooth Wi Fi AUX Speaker
Price: £89.10 (Including UK standard delivery)

AptX® Bluetooth (4.0), AUX & WiFi - 3 in 1

Optional Stereo Speaker
Price: £55.00 (Including UK standard delivery)

Optional Powerline Adaptor
Price :£34.00 (Including UK standard delivery)

The best option for streaming Cocktail Audio Pro X100 in any room. Enjoy HD, DSD Audio streaming without the WiFi signal dropping or stuttering. Better than a WiFi Dongle & no signal will be lost - no setup is required - PLUG & PLAY - (UK Plug).


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