Cocktail Audio X30 Customer Reviews

Peter ...... Mar 2014

A good balanced review - good to see the X30 getting some good media attention in the specialist press.

1) I have run my X30 originally through my QUAD 33/303 amps to my QUAD ESL57 speakers - and latterly driving the ESLs direct from the X30 (my 33 has to go back to QUAD hospital for a new on-off gain control - the darn thing wore out after 40 years constant use ...). With both setups I'm not sure I can agree with the reviewer about is I don't find graininess or a "lack of grip" on the sound at higher volumes at the lower end.

2) I really do agree with the reviewer about the remote "festooned with buttons and a somewhat illogical layout" - even after four months of living with the X30 I still find myself struggling to locate the principal buttons I nedd - especially without my reading glasses.

3) I'm not bothered at all by the screen not being a touchscreen - but then I don't have an iPad or one of those click-swoopy-GUI phones.

4) Interesting to see the innards of the X30 - looks very tidy (almost as tidy as my old QUAD 33/303 - but then Peter Walker set very high standards).

My verdict: 5-star

Musiclascala ....... Jan 2014

Silver is definitely nicer...
Got my X30 delivered by cocktail audio uk or AV10 Ltd.
Was formatted in Linux & 4TB Database installed full new database.

Testing FW 0042 & Unit X30:
Sound quality is awesome direct and with an amp/dac too.
Like the KB shortcuts
Button for Art/text switch - can be done at any display mode
Create folder option, great for network
Balancing on volume & custom EQ
Copy and move function
Remote solid & chunky
Lyrics option good for a party or karaoke
Slide show ok
HDMI display is good.
Quiet fanless
re-convert is simple at recordin hdd1
Linux file system

I have also kept my collection clean, well sorted & unique - (making use of the 'HELP' option on x10 and tag my collection very well)
So I didn't have any problems importing to the X30, recovery was smooth without any delays.
Prefer internet radio than FM, but it's good to have both.
Recordings are created in separate folders depending on the input type - very useful & clean.

Album art issue is fine & software seems stable & smooth too, I know my way around the X10, so X30 is easy for me, especially the tag matters, virtual pls & streaming, network etc.
I am not very fussy but hope they start adding the streaming services soon.
Regarding the software, no complaints - just click & play, stream, rip, connect, access - all straight forward.
My music will never give my problems, as X10/X30 response well to my collection.

Most of the problems users have with crushing & white screens are based on the data/music and how the ripping was done.
Off course the HDD could also be awkward.
It is all Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)

Just realised that X10 also supports linux, so i reformatted my X10 HDD in X30 & exported some music onto my X10.
Overall = 4/5 (Awaiting updates for new services), as i said the unit is quite simple to operate as im used to X10.

RossMan .... Nov 2013

I will be getting an X30, it is now on order. I have gone for the 2TB HDD version.

From my personal experience I can buy the X30 with HDD which I feel will give me improved quality of music from my similarly priced separates system (and possibly more expensive if my memory of the auditioned CD players is correct) with the added bonus that I don’t have to worry about adding in the cost of interconnects and being concerned with synergy issues. That, for me, is enough to justify the cost of this player. The internet radio and future streaming options just make this more of a bargain as far as I am concerned. It’s just a shame that I wasn’t aware of Cocktail Audio when I was looking for an upgrade earlier in the year. I might have held off to listen to this music player.

My audio journey started with a “music centre” in the 70s,I never thought that I would be returning to what is essentially the modern version after moving over to separates over 20 years ago but with sound quality this good I’d be mad not to.

Andrex ..... Nov 2013

Been using my X30, since it got delivered on Thurs/Fri by Av10 Cocktail auodio UK
1. Like the easy toggle from ART to text with a single button on the remote works in genre/album/artist...
2. Formatted a 4TB in Linux, takes some a while but not too long (10 minutes) - created the index node on the HDD (didn't chose NTFS)
3. Like the new input menu for the stream recording, folders are created depending on the input eg using phono or jack
4. Also like the folders created in browser to separate recordings eg FM or My recording...
5. You can MOVE or COPY to DB (Import to DB)
6. FM RDS not bad, not really into RDS prefer internet radio
7. Online streaming services only SIMFY (Called AV10 Ltd, they said it will be implemented via an update as they need to integrate API with X30 ...)
8. SORT displays A-Z, Z-A or Original
9. HDMI display is clean on bigger screen
10. Like the APE format addon, will test others later...
11.Custom & preset Eq is good over 20+ presets i think...
12. HDD sleep control time & the option to turn OFF
13. Sound quality is awesome with high quality speakers or can be used with a Dac or an amplifier.
14. Lipsync perfect
15. Playlist works fine "AD MY PL" & "MY PL" - work fine, no overwriting
16. Volume balancing button not bad.

Over all HDD caddy is ok, unit big buttons are smooth & SILVER (beautiful, not like pictures) looks way better than BLACK for sure!
Back connections are of good quality & a good buy for me.
Waiting for the update on DLNA, online streaming service.
Will be streaming bother my X10 & X30 with joy...will report more later.

Yousuf Ebrahim ...... Qatar

I am updating my rating above because CocktailAudio has released a new firmware update version R0042. After updating and testing my X30 for almost a week, all issues appear to be resolved. Now my X30 is working perfectly, no more hanging and FM radio is working great. The problem with my digital out audio also was resolved by changing my DAC to a newrer unit. I am realy happy and excited about this great gadget. It got everything that a music lover wants for listenning to all sources of music perfectly.
Ron ...... March 2014

MusicSmart (X30)

So far I like the device (X30) purchased from Av10 – silver 2TB.
The cocktail Audio shows remarkable agility, with different features & effects as well as conversion & ripping speed.
I would have preferred to dump my collection without the need to ‘import’ for the .DB to understand.
However I could have used a network to also import directly too.
I suppose it's like itunes, where you import/link a directory & then the software scans to pick up the metadata.
The interface is a good standard but could easily confuse people the first time....especially the "BROWSER" (not showing the content of the ripped cds).
Overall it is a good purchase & support is great...AV10 showed me everything & more.

Nicely combines all features in a neat box
Sound quality is good with floor standing speakers...
Excellent build..
Future proof...
Cheaper than others
Max HDD sizes
Many options to achieve tasks
regular firmware updates
Keyboard shortcuts just like a remote.
Network features
HDMI & slide show
Ability to edit on the device as well as on a computer
Web remote & App support

Remote too many bits/buttons
Web-interface could be much better & lighter
Digital IN ports record function is not clear
Prefer a better database service or the option to choose
Could do better than RECIVA...what about other nicer radio & streaming services.
FM/RDS not stable (will stick to internet radio LOL)




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