1. Revolutionary HiFi Audio System, CD storage & Music Streamer

X10 is a perfect HI-FI audio system with a CD storage & a media streamer. X10 can play audio CDs like an ordinary CD player as well as having amazing features such as Hi-Fi CD storage with a database, music streamer, internet radio, networking, smart phone support & much more. Load all your CD collection onto X10, which gives you instant access to any or your repertoire.

2. More than HiFi Component  

X10 has a high speed frontal sliding optical drive with internal storage to load all your CD collection. X10 has a high quality 60W amplifier inside, which can deliver great sound through any HI-FI system or speakers. X10 only measures 18cm (w) X 14.7cm (d) X 9.8cm (h), small enough to fit into any space. Its simple design & high quality finish will make your living room more enjoyable.

  3. Load all your CD collection to the X10
How many audio CDs do you have? About 500 CDs, 1000CDs or more? Just load all your CDs onto the X10. Having uncluttered, you can now scroll your music collection on the X10 with a remote control. Rediscover your unplayed CD collection that had been kept away for years. How many CDs you can store and what memory capacity ?
500 GB

Encoding option
WAV (uncompressed) - 650 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k - 7,500 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k - 5,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k - 3,000 CDs

1000 GB
WAV (uncompressed) - 1,300 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k - 15,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k - 10,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k - 6,000 CDs

2000 GB
WAV (uncompressed) - 2,600 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 128 k - 30,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 192 k - 20,000 CDs
MP3 compressed rate 320 k - 12,000 CDs

Encoding Option

X10 provides four options for encoding: (MP3, FLAC,OGG or WAV). Want to enjoy original CD level quality sound? Then choose WAV for encoding. Want to save space on the X10 hard drive & transfer your music to your Mp3 player for travelling, opt for the MP3 encoding.


Making CD database

CD information will be entered automatically by FreeDB if the X10 is connected to the network (internet). FreeDB database can also be installed onto the X10 hard drive, otherwise the CD information can be manually keyed in -information like title, artist, album & genre, this becomes part of your database, upon which you can search your music collection.>

  4. How does X10 play the music loaded in the hard disk of X10 ?

The remote control or a USB keyboard makes it easier to search your collection by title, artist, album or any matching string. Pressing the assigned key on the remote control & typing a few letters/characters, will display a list of matched data on the 3.5” full colour screen.

You can search any music by title, artist, album, year or genre.   Enter a few letters and the list will be displayed on the screen.   Select the music that you want, and press OK button.   Playing screen.  

(To transfer LP to X10 you may connect Line in of X10 to Line out of the turntable.)


5. Your old collection of LP or cassettes !

  Record your old LP, cassettes and tapes. Once recorded onto the X10, its gives option to add art covers and music tags. Enjoy the ease of having access to all your music.
6. Networking and Music Streamer  

X10 can be added to your network through the Ethernet (100Base-Tx/10Base-T) LAN or through WIFI. X10 supports SAMBA as well as UPnP (server/client). With the network connectivity, X10 can stream,playback & copy files from a remote computer to the hard drive (X10). Any shared folders on your computer can also be viewed on the X10 colour screen. Multiple X10's can also play or stream music from one source (X10 or another music streamer device).



(Ethernet(10/100) LAN)

(USB WiFi Dongle(Optional))

  7. Internet Radio.

Enjoy internet radio – streaming media as well as dynamic internet radio in .PLS & .M3U formats.
Search for favourite stations by continent, country, genre & much more.
Add desired internet radio stations to a favourites list for easy access as well as record your favourite programs.

8. Extension to your existing audio system.  

X10 provides SPDIF(Optical out), Line(AUX) in, Line out and loudspeaker connectors. Just connect X10 to an
amplifier with optical audio cable or a line-in cable. Enjoy
brilliant sound through any audio system. Hence X10 will act as an audio source.


9. USB Host Port of X10

  USB hand-held devices such as memory sticks & MP3 players are supported by the X10. Plug these devices into the USB host port of X10 and have access to your music.
10. Music Data Backup  

Backup all the stored music onto an external source - storage devices, network drives or NAS devices.


11. Connection

1.   Power : AC Adapter(24V/3.5A)
2.  Loudspeaker connector : Loudspeaker
3.   Headphone output : Headphone
4.   Line out : Amplifier
5.   Line-in(AUX-in) : 3.5mm Jack
6.   USB host : USB devices
7.   USB target : PC
8.   Ethernet/RJ45 : LAN
9.   Optical out : Decorder or Amplifier
10. Power Switch


UPnP Server/Client/Renderer and Samba Server/Client:
Supports streaming playback of music stored on various storage devices like PC, NAS and other network streamers.  

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