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Well served All-in-one systems may not be the usual route to hi-fi nirvana, but Lee Dunkley discovers a potent mix with the X30 with the times to a less tangible music playback system. Music centre’s combining record deck; cassette recorder and tuner were big business back in the late seventies through to the early eighties, with fans keen to enjoy music at home on all the main analogue formats of the day. Today in the mostly digital era the idea of the ‘one box does it all’ approach goes against serious audiophile thinking, with the general consensus being that dedicated components being assigned to specific tasks is the best way to guarantee pure, interference-free playback of your music collection. With the world of audio moving towards streaming and downloads, we’re told that the desire for physical digital media (CDs) is falling rapidly. Read more >>

"Supporting a vast range of file formats - including the handy FLAC and WAV varieties - the Cocktail Audio X10 hi-fi,/ media streamer is a really tidy piece of kit. lt is capable of ripping and then storing up to 7,500 CDs'worth of content to its 50OGB internal hard drive (although 1TB/2TB versions are available for more cash)" Read more >>
The device does the hard work of ‘ripping’ your CDs and cataloguing them. There’s also an internet radio. An optional Wi-Fi adapter lets you stream music from other network sources. Ethernet ports are included. Auxiliary line-in ports mean you can hook up a record deck and rip your vinyl to disk too. Playlists are supported, as is a wide range of music formats from MP3 and AAC to Ogg Vorbis, Flac and WAV files.
"Digital music is marvellously convenient, but having an iPod or PC hard drive full of iTunes tracks doesn’t solve the question of what to do with all the music that you’ve got on CD or vinyl.
The Cocktail Audio Music Streamer aims to marry both halves of your music collection by storing all your CDs and LPs on its hard disk along with your MP3s. ”

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