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BF-11 Firmware >>

Update Notice:

Installing the latest firmware incorporates all the previous features from the older firmwares.

Latest Firmware :  R1805 (2nd September 2016)

- Click here to download firmware R1805 (Un-zipped version 150MB)

1. Updated Web-Interface

2. Album Art Cover

3. OLD streaming service "SIMFY" removed

4. SMB fixes

5. Other fixes >

Firmware : R1793 (12th November, 2014)

- Click here to download firmware R1793 (Un-zipped version 150MB)

1. From the playing screen (Direct Selection): Track selection without returning to the DB list (direct – best for long operas, albums & playlists). Also useful when you have lost your trail & can’t select or return to the list of the playing album in progress. NB: Press ‘Now playing’ to display the album.

2. From the playing screen (A-B-ish): Repeat “A-B like feature” (left & right arrow) - To cancel the action just press STOP at the playing screen - (action is displayed in RED).

3. Convert into another format ("Convert Audio Format” option) e.g. Flac to mp3 (from the ‘browser/HDD’ section) A folder will be created with the new format & the metadata will be retained too..

4. Cut to Wav file: This option is best for splitting a file. E.g. splitting an unwanted section from a recorded LP or any song file … To perform the action, play the recorded file at the ‘Browser/HDD1/AUX’ section, use the right & left arrows to create the ‘slice section’ (displayed in RED), Press menu & select "cut to wave file". This will slice the created section from the recorded file. One could then keep the new file (sliced file), convert and or import it to the Music DB if desired. NB: This operation only works at the ‘Brower/HDD1’ section.

5. Alac (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) has been added as a ripping choices. Apple’s take on ‘FLAC’ (FLAC is more widely accepted). Best for pods/i-devices.

6. Web-interface has an additional liquid version (this could also be implemented by updating the web-gui). Less heavy on smaller devices such as a smartphone.

7. Move playlist/radio fav:
From the list, select/highlight the ‘track/station’ you want to move with the right arrow >.
Move the cursor to the new position & press the left arrow <.

8. Other general requested improvements ...such as format option on USB drives, finding hidden SSIDs and playlist backups.

Recovery File Instructions: (To reset X10 - Frozen/Chequers)

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