Some useful functions


Play data CD
X30 plays audio data files stored on mediums like CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW. Some audio files could be dumped onto mediums without the correct encoding for storage purposes.



Six (6) alarm setting options – be woken up by your favourite music or radio station. Daily, Weekly, Weekend… and so forth.



The Bookmark feature is useful for long files. A user could pick up from where they left off during an audio playback.



Set the time manually or via the internet time-zone through your network connection.

   Auto Shutdown

Set the device to shutdown automatically at a desired time such as after a scheduled recording or for other purposes.

Reservation Recording (Scheduled)
Schedule a recording for internet radio stations (favourites). This feature works when the device is OFF, ON or scheduled for multiple radio stations.


Import(Copy/Move) Music

Import music files or folders stored on USB storage devices or from other kits onto the music database.  This works with network shared folders, laptops, external compatible gadgets and so forth.


Resume play

Resume connection of an internet radio station or playing of a song; this feature can be enabled or disabled.


Create Playlists

Create playlists with your music collection by albums, tracks, artists and genres.


Music DB Backup

Backup to a network drive or an external HDD.
 “My Playlist “
"My Playlist" method/feature enables the creation of playlists by pressing "MY PL" button on the remote control.
This works by songs & albums. HDD Format

Use the ‘Quick method’ to format an  internal HDD into NTFS file system, that can be read by other devices & network systems/protocols.

Advanced “My Playlist”

"Adv playlist" method/feature enables the creation of playlists during playing mode.  This method could be based on the genre, album & artist of the playing song(s).

Audio Ripping Format

X30 provides four ripping options (encoding): WAV, FLAC, MP3 or OGG.

TAG Edit

Edit TAG info (metadata) about music files. This feature uses the standardised method that enables other devices to read the information about your music collection. This feature is also useful for organising your collection such as to search or the sorting scheme.

USB keyboard

X30 supports an optional USB keyboard to edit metadata & also control the device. Such as copy, paste, select menu option and so forth… Album List (by Text, Small or Big Album Cover Art)
Display albums by text, small or big cover art on the album list screen. Toggle by pressing the "TEXT/ART" button on the remote control – 3 modes. This feature also works by genres & tracks too.

Scroll Speed

Control the scrolling speed of text across the screen.




Some Useful functions

  • Various network protocol
  • Consistency HELP feature on music
  • Optional Keyboard shortcuts
  • Storage switch ripping
  • HDD error checking feature
  • HDD sleep control - ECO
  • Digital recording input options
  • Slide show effect/time
  • Cover art embedding


LCD Brightness

Control brightness on the LCD.

 Other Useful display/sorting features

  •  Display mode options
  • Auto play
  • Text code option
  • Sorting (A-Z, Z-A & Original Order )
  • Shuffle, repeat, normal etc
  • Jump Search
  • Number skip & much more….


Preset E.Q

Use the preconfigured equalizer or customised version.

 List Line Count
Configure the number of lines to display….


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