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A brief history of COCKTAIL AUDIO

Cocktail Audio goes back to the year 2009…

A team of experienced engineers, software developers & audiophiles gathered in the UK and concocted an idea to develop a device that could digitise various audio sources.
Such audio source like LP, cassette tapes & decks, CD players, downloaded digital music, etc.
This was by no means the first device of its kind, but with a user friendly interface and many features our device was no-match!
We designed the product(s) specifications and appointed a company in Korea to manufacture the devices for the UK market.
Our agreement with the manufacturer also allowed the company to sell elsewhere in order to meet their production costs.  

In 2010 the ‘COCKTAIL AUDIO’ brand was created along with the first working sample.
After months of rigorous testing by our specialists, we approved and officially launched the product in April 2011 in the UK market. Though the product launch was successful and sold quite a few, the feedbacks and reaction of our end-users' indicated the need to upgrade and improve the quality. As our 3 year contract with the company elapsed, we decided to change manufacturers to meet the high standard required by the U.K. audiophiles.

Newer models have been developed by us in cooperation with other specialists in and out of the U.K.
The Cocktail Audio Pro X100 is our most efficient model that tackles all the quality issues from the previous manufacturer.  
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At Cocktail Audio LTD our aim is to combine media streaming with the traditional HiFi devices.
Creating the ideal device is the key to evolving and to anticipating our consumer needs.
We devise the concept, design and build products with our users in mind.

Our attention to details are based on 6 factors:

  1. Ease of use: Making devices that are easy and straight forward (eliminating pointless features).
  2. Technology: Utilising current technologies as well as using newer methods to enhance the users’ experience.
  3. Trend: Understanding our users needs and what their pattern of behaviours are in relation to entertainment.
  4. Legacy: Combining the old and new ways thus accommodating all users from every aptitude.
  5. Stability: Creating and making devices that are stable and have proven practicalities.
  6. Listening: Paying attention and heeding suggestions to improve our devices quite like a personalised relationship.


We understand the connection and emotional appeal consumers have with their sound.
Therefore we strive to create devices that will enable users’ to revive their repertoire.




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