Download firmware updates & release notes.


Update Notice X30:

Installing the latest firmware incorporates all the previous features from the older firmwares.

Latest Firmware : R0118 (24th March 2016)

- Click here to download firmware R0118(Un-zipped version 127MB)

1. More online music services(TIDAL, Deezer, Airable(Radios, Podcasts)) are integrated

2. A new 'Display Mode'(Genre > Artist > Album) is added

3. Shortcut to add song(s) in the MusicDB to existing playlist

4. The function to list up 'not converted song'

5. The function to correct volume level of each source(iRadio, Online Music Services, Input, etc)

6. The option in the SETUP to enable or disable 'Shareplay(Airplay)' function

7. Improvement of Reservation Recording function for internet radio of Reciva i-Radio and Radios

8. Improvement of Playing in Browser

9. Improvement of MusicDB Backup function

10. To select proper FM broadcast band

11. Option to make FM Radio RDS function enable or disable

Firmware : R0090 (22nd July 2015)

- Click here to download firmware R0090(Un-zipped version 110MB)

1. Spotify 'Connect' function.

2. AIFF format is added to CD Ripping format option.

3. WiFi Repeater Roaming function

4. Shutdown Dialog for checking unconverted songs

5. Creating .M3U and .PLS files when exporting

6. Red color is applied to the folder, which is used as MusicDB storage in NAS

7. Others

Firmware : R0083 (25th November 2014)

- Click here to download firmware R0083(Un-zipped version 110MB)

1. Font display: A variety of fonts are available online & on windows PCs
- (C:/Windows/Fonts).To add a font:
- Copy the font(s) file onto a USB memory stick or to the local space of the Cocktail Audio – HDD1 section
- From SETUP/System/User Font/OK 
- Select the 'Get User Font' & choose a favoured font type.

2. Move playlist/radio fav:
From the list, select/highlight the ‘track/station’ you want to move with the right arrow >.
Move the cursor to the new position & press the left arrow <.

3. Pause (press pause) during auxiliary or input recording …(stops feed)

4. Sort files connected via UPnP protocol

5. Shareplay (Airplay) & SAMBA will share the same name

6. Others:
- Playing screen now displays the title/album
- Connected storage(s) space/capacity displayed via browser
- Qobuz added to X30
- Simfy bugs
- Multiple USB devices bugs sorted

NB: Accessing an alternative metadata with the 'Next FreeDB' option using the right arrow (already exists on all the fw).
Firmware : R0067/69 (Updated on the 08th July 2014)

- Click here to download firmware R0067/69(Un-zipped version 110MB)
- Release Notes (R0067/69) non-UK version

1. Direct track selection (from playing screen)
2. ALAC now added to ripping options
3. Manually convert tracks
4. Repeat a section of a track
5. Cut option on recorded tracks
6. The ‘Shareplay’ function (Airplay)
7. Web-interface options
8. VU dB metre - Analogue recordings
9. FW check option
10. File system fix for Ext 3 & NTFS
11. Find hidden SSID
12. Format external directories
13.Backup playlists/internet radio favourites
14. Others...

Firmware : R0049 (19 Feburary, 2014)

- Click here to download firmware R0049 (Un-zipped version 115MB)
- Release Notes (R0049)

· Index scan alert message
· DB structural changes
· Tiny view option
· Network protocol adjustment
· Others.....

Firmware : R0042 (13 December, 2013)

- Click here to download firmware R0042 (Un-zipped version 115MB)
- Release Notes (R0042)

· Flash File improvement
· Music DB structural changes
· Composer field & view option added
· Duplicate album names detection
· Backup algorithm changes
· Keyboard shortcuts
· Others..



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