Cocktail Audio Mini X9

Real Time Audio CD to Digital Music Convertor, Burner & Player
cocktail Audio Mini X9


  • Super fast FLAC encoding/ripping uncompressed (CD-like) quality
  • X9 rips/converts simultaneously no DELAYED background conversion
  • Create personalised CD from audio files (both Mp3 & FLAC) - Burner
  • Burner layer option - multi-session or single session
  • Accesses metadata online during ripping
  • Supports CD text metadata during ripping
  • Supports offline ripping structure
  • FLAC AUX recording/playback (great for LP, cassettes, DAT & phones)
  • Capture high quality crystal clear audio and listen back (built in mic recording feature)
  • Easily manage recordings with the Matrix LCD display
  • SD & USB port flash support
  • Audio OUT & Line IN
  • Erase Music / Data on writeable discs
  • Travel companion or as an additional device
  • Works great with Active speakers & headphones
  • Category & folder option on music collection
  • Firmware/software update
  • Great for digitising your collection without 'breaking the bank'
  • Supports - Power supply, car jack or batteries.
  • Supplied accessories - LAN extender, CAT cable, power adaptor/cable, USB cable/extender & user guide

Rip CDs in a Lossless Format

Digitally encode audio CDs into FLAC without a computer. Thus no loss of quality and the songs will remain and sound authentic (CD-like quality). An album could be ripped in one go or preferred tracks could be selected. .


No Background Conversion


The Mini X-9 converts digital audio in real-time (real time refers to the ripping speed as it occurs not the playing time of the album).
Other similar devices use the background conversion method, which can literally halt the performance of your device if the conversion fails.
Music can be played, imported, moved, exported and created without any hold-ups among your collection (using the Mini X-9).
A 70 minute classical CD would be done in less than 6 minutes - with CD information embedded.

Play and Create Audio CDs

The Mini X-9 plays regular audio and compatible CDs. Do you have music stored on devices such as karaoke songs, family songs, anniversary songs or composed songs? Transfer and burn the songs onto personalised CDs with ease - supported formats are Mp3 and Flac. There are two options to burn a disc; multi-session or single session. With the single session, the disc can only be burnt once, thus no additional songs can be added when the session is finished.

Access CD Metadata Online or Use CD Text Display

The Mini X-9 accesses the FreeDB music database service to look up metadata (CD info) on the inserted audio CD (either to play or rip).  The Mini X-9 looks up CD information using the internet by means of the 'CD number' for the related information on the disc. The metadata (CD info) is then displayed on the LCD - such as the artist, album, tracks and so forth.  If the Mini X-9 is not connected to the internet, the device will retrieve the 'CD text' of the inserted CD, which is embedded on most audio CDs - upon creation by the producer(s). NB: Not all CDs have 'CD text'; hence if the Mini X-9 isn't online the metadata could be 'unknown' when ripped. - FreeDB doesn't store album cover arts.

Audio & Mic Input Recording

Record audio via the LINE IN port with other devices such as LPs, cassettes and any analogue feed. The Mini X-9 can also be used as a voice recorder (Built in MIC) - great for recording lectures, meetings, interviews or as a general voice log.  Files will be recorded in FLAC format for better quality. 
This is especially useful for digitising analogue recording which could then be burnt onto CDs if preferred.

Portable Player

The Mini X-9 plays songs on audio and compatible CDs.  Access songs on USB flash drives and SD memory cards effortlessly.

Format Storage Option

The Mini X-9 formats inserted medias such as USB and SD card storages. The FAT32 file system is used on this device because it is compatible with more devices and is recommended for multiple O/S as well as being the best for flash/static storages.

Erase Music / Data on CD

Do you have audio or data Cds that you wish to reuse or rewrite? Erase the discs into blank CDs. Flac or Mp3 songs can then be burnt onto the CDs. NB: The Mini X-9 erases CDs into ISO format without a computer.

Perfect Travel Companion

Making your device a travel companion can be difficult nowadays. Rather than carrying many gizmos with apps and special chargers along with expensive insurance policies - just take what you prefer with you without breaking the bank. Great for camping or as a second audio player – just connect some decent head/ear phone or an aux audio speaker.

Portable & Optional Batteries

The Mini X-9 is portable and ideal as a digital audio player on the go. At about 600g, one could enjoy playback of contents from a USB or SD flash drives at anytime with a minimum current of 2000mAh - 4 AA batteries (alkaline/Ni-MH rechargeable) or Universal (DC 5V 2A).

Folder Structure & Song Title Format

Create your required folder structure which is quite useful for categorising large music collection on storage devices. The available options are 'Artist\Album', 'Artist', 'Albums' or 'Root'. Another preference is the song title format; this lists the songs with a prefixed format followed by the numbering. For example 'Artist-01 Song', 'Album-01 Song', '01 Song' or 'Artist Album-01 Song'.

File Manager

This enables the user to display the available space of the inserted flash storage. Music file can also be deleted and copied to other storages such as the SD or USB flash drives.

Other Settings.

Other setup includes network settings, LED flash options, ripping mode speed, LCD contrast, playing mode, burn method options, eject tray options, CD name label and much more.

Firmware Upgradable
Newer features can be added and suggestions from our users' are always heeded.

Mini X-9 Device Ports:


Audio Jack - For Amplified (Active) stereo speakers or headphones.

Line IN - For input recordings such as cassette players, LPs and other audio sources.

Internet Pin Port - customised pin-cat5/6 (Ethernet) cable for the router.

To extend the range, use the convertor included in the accessory pack or a USB WIFI bridge.

DC 5V - Connection for the power adaptor.

Battery Compartment - For batteries (rechargeable or alkaline).

Rear Power switch - Flick to turn the device on/off.

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