Cocktail Audio Active Pro60

TheActive Pro60 offers an analogue, digital & aptx wireless Bluetooth interface.  Active Pro60 delivers a well constructed quality and powerful sound. 
The two way speakers have a matt lacquer finish with a built-in integrated amplifier.  The preferred enclosure for its rigidity provides the right amount of elevated volume levels which results in a harmonious sound with clear contoured lows and highs.

The speakers are compact in design, lightweight & sound professional.  If you prefer less clutter but more versatility when it comes to streaming your repertoire, then the Active Pro60
is the perfect audio companion.The speakers are cleverly designed with clear acoustics and without any mockery electrical circuitry boost to distort the sound.

The design of the active speakers looks contemporary and smart, which could blend in well in your study, bedroom, living room, music room, home library or anywhere befitting. Our connected society now means these speakers will play music from any source and reproduce your music brilliantly without any distortion.

Compact Active Speakers


  • Built-in Integrated Amplifier
  • Simultaneous Audio Inputs
  • USB (USB-B type)Asynchronous Transmission Mode 
  • USB IC CM Series
  • AKM  DAC
  • RCA Audio Port
  • SPDIF/Optical Digital Port
  • Subwoofers (SUB OUT) 120Hz …
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack Port
  • Custom Woofers and Dome Tweeters
  • Power Saving Idle Mode
  • Aptx Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Ver. 4.2
  • LED Indicators Operating Status
  • 2 Way Bass Reflex
  • Auto Standby Power < 0.5W
  • Gold Platted Terminal - Supports Banana, Bare & Spades Connection
  • Medium Density Fibreboard Enclosure Eradicates Extraneous Vibration & Resonance
  • Remote Control for Basic Operations
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • RoHS, Fcc, CE Compliant & Other Related Standards

  1. Speaker Terminal Output/Input Port (Gold plated):        

The ports are banana plug terminal type and a screw type binding post with adjustable thumb screws.
Supports spade connectors, banana cables and bare speaker wire.
Has binding post terminals with red and black ring labels on both sides to easily identify the connection type.

2. Remote Control:

The The remote control is small, light with simple button layout.
Use the remote control to switch from operation mode to standby and vice versa.
Adjust the volume, mute, switch input sources/ports & play/pause. Track ‘skip’ back & forward on Bluetooth paired devices.

3. SPDIF/Toslink/Optical:

The optical (SPDIF) digital audio sources is great for devices such as network server rippers, media players, Blu-ray player, TV and other digital audio sources.

4. Aptx Bluetooth Connectivity:

Built in high quality Bluetooth version 4.2 audio receiver with aptX provides CD-like quality sound with compatible devices. When you just want to listen to music switch inputs ports and connect to the Bluetooth protocol via your smart phone, PC, tablet or any compatible devices.
This feature could also be used to sync & play internet radio and streaming services such as, AccuRadio, Qobuz, Tidal, BBC players & related podcasts etcetera.
CSR aptX low latency technology decoding, provides optimum time synchronization when playing back audio/video without any lip sync delays.



For more flexibility you could connect a powered subwoofer if more bass is required.
A subwoofer can be connected for a 2.1 sound experience.
The audio output for subwoofers/SUB OUT, produces a 120 Hz audio signal with a pre-connected low-pass filter.

6. CM Series USB Port - Asynchronous Transmission Mode:

The USB input enables access to asynchronous audio in a purest state from music servers, computers or other audio sources to playback high resolution audio and can process up to 96 kHz/24 bit. The USB port signal conversion to analogue is done on board of the DAC; resulting in a clear and ‘rich’ sound.
Asynchronous audio prevents digital noise and allows smooth high resolution audio playback. CM series is a highly integrated chip for USB stereo speakers & requires no drivers for the majority of audio playback.
This also provides plug & play for external digital audio playback.
The USB chip has integrated digital control power amplifier function, for USB digital sound application and better listening experience with music source from a 'wide dynamic' range.

• Embedded digital control power amplifier for speaker driving
• USB full speed compatible and USB ‘IF Certification’
• Embedded X2 modulation for higher audio quality
• Supports S/PDIF output interface…many more.

7. DAC - AKM AK4388 digital-to-analogue convertor:

AKM DACs are always well-liked because the hardware offers performance based audio systems that captures better audible array.
The focal points are enhanced low-distortion technology, high quality sound with good components and structure.
The chipset delivers a wide dynamic range while preserving linearity for improved THD+N performance.
Utilises special filter mechanisms to augment performance for devices with excessive clock jitters.

• Multi bit architecture modulator.
• SCF with high tolerance to clock jitter.
• Digital de-emphasis.
• The 24Bit/192kHz sampling rate make this part ideal for a wide range of applications with high quality Audio.
• Sampling rate ranges from 8 kHz to 192 kHz.
• Dynamic Range: 106dB …much more beyond the normal audible range.


8. AUX LineIn & RCA L/R

The 1 X 3.5mm stereo jack and the pair RCA input connection requires no plug-ins sound upgrades. Just connect external audio devices such as a CD player, turntables, smart devices, cassettes decks, mp3 players, media servers, iPods/pad, computers and many more legacy sources. RCA has been around for many decades and is still found in modern audio/video devices. The 3.5mm jack is simple and doesn’t rely on onboard processing & supports any format from a soundcard.
This is a convenient way to enjoy quality sound through the active speakers if you do not prefer Bluetooth and digital audio inputs connections.

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