Revolutionary HiFi Audio System with all in One CD Storage
Smart HD Music Server, Network Streamer, NAS & much more

Cocktail Audio X100

High Resolution Digital Streamer, NAS and Ripper with DSD/DXD Playback.

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Cocktail Audio X10

Revolutionary HiFi Audio System, CD storage & Music Streamer.

Cocktail Audio Active Pro60

The Active Pro60 offers an analogue, digital & aptx wireless Bluetooth interface.

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Cocktail Audio M50

Compact High Resolution DAC Amplifier. The M50 is equipped with a circuit design for improving audio loss with a high precision drive mechanism for reproduction accuracy.

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Cocktail Audio BF-11

Engineered for exceptional sound. BF-11 wireless speaker with WiFi, Bluetooth & Aux audio source input .

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Cocktail Audio Mini X9

Real Time Audio CD to Digital Music Convertor, Burner & Player

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Cocktail Audio’ is where media streamers meet HiFi components in a seamless manner.
Our focal points are on great sound, brilliance, integration, balance, upgradability, build, coupled with ease of use.
Stylish with a high quality finish plus a multitude of additional features that makes it one of the most wanted devices for any music lover.
The cocktail Audio devices are excellent component with a high resolution playback that produces excellent sound. Revive old cassettes & LP collection back to life using our simplest tool like the mini X-9.