Revolutionary HiFi Audio System with all in One CD Storage
Smart HD Music Server, Network Streamer, NAS & much more

cocktail Audio Pro X100
Cocktail Audio Pro X100

Cocktail Audio X10

cocktail Audio Active Pro60

Cocktail Audio Active Pro60

cocktail Audio M50Cocktail Audio M50

cocktail audio wifi bluetooth speaker

Cocktail Audio BF11 - Wi Fi, Bluetooth & AUX

cocktail Audio Mini X9
Cocktail Audio Mini X9

‘Cocktail Audio’ is where media streamers meet HiFi components in a seamless manner.
Our focal points are on great sound, brilliance, integration, balance, upgradability, build, coupled with ease of use.

Stylish with a high quality finish plus a multitude of additional features that makes it one of the most wanted devices for any music lover.
The cocktail Audio devices are excellent component with a high resolution playback that produces excellent sound. Revive old cassettes & LP collection back to life using our simplest tool like the mini X-9.